Taking Care
of Our People.


Aussies are known for their hospitality. So are we.

The success of an Outback restaurant is measured by its growth in sales and profit and is the result of taking care of Our People—Outbackers, Customers, Suppliers, and Community. Our success is based on our belief that people want to be part of something they can be proud of, is fun, and that includes and values them. How we honor that belief and achieve success is guided by our six principles:

  • Hospitality – Being genuinely warm and welcoming and tending to the comfort and well-being of Our People.
  • Quality –  Building pride into everything we do, consistently meeting all standards, attending to every detail, and constantly improving the experience of Our People.
  • Sharing –  Being generous in spirit and action and practicing "we over me."
  • Fun – Bringing energy and joy to others, having a sense of humor, and being able to laugh at ourselves and celebrate together.
  • Judgment – Anticipating consequences, understanding and acting on what is relevant to Our People, and never sacrificing the interests of one of them for the interests of another.
  • Courage – Doing what is right for Our People and the success of the restaurant by living the Principles and Beliefs with absolute discipline and without compromise.

Our principles apply to all aspects of our business and determine how we do our jobs and conduct ourselves. By living the Principles and Beliefs, we achieve the goals we have set for each of Our People and ensure the success of the restaurant. The driving force behind taking care of Our People is the leader whose name is over the door…the Managing Partner.


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