Taking Care of Our People.


The soul of Abbraccio is our passion for taking care of people.

This passion comes from the genuine hospitality we have in our hearts. Abbraccio Cucina Italiana was founded on the simple idea that sharing food isn’t just about eating—it’s what connects us to each other. Abbraccio is authentic Italian and represents everything that we are: our heritage, our passion for food, our love of family, and the hospitality in our hearts.

We run our business the same way we share our food — straight from the heart. We make sure that everything is perfect, ensure you feel special by treating you like part of our family, and create memories that last a lifetime.

We take care of Our People — Amici, managers, customers, partners, purveyors, and neighbors — by living the principles that define our character. Our character is dictated by our founders’ beliefs that people are worthy of your best effort and respect, there is value in family, and that people want to be part of something they can be proud of. Our purpose is to prepare Amici to exercise good judgment and live the Principles and Beliefs.

Our Principles

  • Hospitality: giving for the sake of giving, rather than for the sake of gaining, being genuinely warm and welcoming, caring, inclusive, kind, and sincerely seeing to the comfort and well-being of others.
  • Authenticity: staying connected to our heritage but not being ruled by it, being true to our roots and ourselves.
  • Sharing: inviting people to participate in the fruits of our success and includes sharing dollars, responsibility, authority, and accountability. It is recognizing that “we” made it happen rather than “I” made it happen.
  • Quality: giving our best in all situations and always working to improve. It is attention to detail and consistently meeting and then exceeding our standards.
  • Fun: having a sense of humor, being able to laugh at ourselves, being the kind of person others want to be around, and celebrating together.
  • Courage: living by our principles, adhering to our standards with absolute discipline, making the right decision in difficult situations, and sticking to our fundamentals.

These six principles guide how we live our lives. They come to life in the way we treat people every day, apply to all of Our People and keep us focused on why we do what we do.


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