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Layers of bold flavors created fresh in our open kitchen.

We are committed to a casual, contemporary Italian experience with layers of bold flavors created fresh in our open kitchen using the best ingredients, and delivered with welcoming and passionate service. Every meal is prepared with the closest attention to detail because we genuinely care for our guests, their friends, and their families.

Our distinctive, flavorful dishes, and specialty grilled entrées are prepared with the freshest ingredients and our recipes are made from scratch daily, which is something we aren’t just proud of, but it’s something unique to our DNA. And, unlike many casual dining restaurants, the microwave has no place in our kitchens.

Margarita Pizza

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Pizza Prosciutto Arugula
Bruschetta Caprese
Spaghetti Positano
Ricotta Donuts
Blood Orange Lemon Cocktail
Chicken Marsala
Caffé Espresso Cocktail